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Advantage® Downpress Combo - 26 Qt. Bucket, Yellow
A simple, convenient way to order a combination mop bucket and wringer. Injection molded with high density polymers.
Continental Smoothline 26 Qt. Down-Press Wringer Combo Pack
26 quart bucket with 3" non-marking grey casters. SW2 down-press wringer. Derma-Tek® Finish. Yellow.
Continental Smoothline 26 Qt. Side-Press Wringer Combo Pack
26 quart bucket with 3" non-marking grey casters. SW6 side-press wringer for medium size mops. Derma-Tek® Finish.

Continental Splash Guard™ Down-Press Combo Packs
Derma-Tek® Finish. 35 quart buckets come with 3" non-marking grey casters and SW7, down-press wringers. (Show more)

Continental Splash Guard™ Side-Press Combos
Derma-Tek® Finish. 26 quart buckets come with 3" non-marking grey casters and SW12, side-press wringers. Use our Color Guard™ system for your HACCP initiatives. Reduce your risk of cross contamination with this easy-to-follow process. International Caution Symbol. (Show more)
Continental Structonlene® 44 Qt. Combo Pack
With 3" non-marking grey casters, embossed graduations and universal "caution" logo and an SW7 down-press wringer. Derma-Tek® Finish.

Continental Unibody Mopping System®
The 35 quart Unibody® is the most efficient side-press wringing system available. The one-piece design results in a positive transfer of force, removing more water per stroke. Includes self-draining spigot and sediment screen drain grate. Derma-Tek® Finish. ColorGuard™. (Show more)
Impact® Plastic Sidepress Squeeze Wringer Bucket Combo
Splash guard water vents to eliminate squirting and splashing. Structural foam polyethylene wringer. Reinforced nylon bearings for smooth operation and one piece welded steel handle for durability. Bucket made of structural foam polyethylene for durability and corrosion resistance. Single bail allows heavy loads to be lifted; bucket provides large mop target area. Unique inboard caster configuration keeps bucket from marring walls or collecting dirt in and around side struts. Bucket and wringer packed in one carton. 3" casters. 26-35 qt.
Unger® Smart Color™ Combo 30L System - Gray
Comes complete with Bucket and Side Press. A dual-compartment bucket system that separates clean and dirty water. Holds 8 gallons at capacity. Easy-to-read fill guide for accurate chemical dilution. Accessories: Adapter hose, WH180, side bucket SMSBG.