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Multi-Seal Heavy Duty Marble Cleaner/Stripper - Gal.
Biodegradable, heavy duty but safe cleaner for stone, grout and similar hard surfaces. Cleans heavily soiled floors, walls, tile and monuments. Degreases hard surfaces. Will not etch polished marble. Strips all forms of water-based waxes and acrylics.
Multi-Seal Marble Cleaner - Gal.
Biodegradable safety cleaner for marble, granite and similar hard surfaces. Composed of organic/inorganic cleaning compounds. No acids, caustics or harsh solvents. Will not etch polished marble. Not harmful to surrounding materials or people.
Multi-Seal Marble Polish - Gal.
Water-based spray and buff polish for shiny stone. Imparts a micro-thin topping to the sealed stone. Enhances light reflectivity. Increases the slip resistance of floors. Does not build-up nor yellow. ASTM C0128-89 > 0.6.