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Advantage™ Renature® Center Pull Towels
Available in one ply and two ply. Dispense hand towels from the center of the roll, for simple one-handed use. (Show more)
Georgia-Pacific Sofpull® Large Capacity Centerpull Towel
Premium quality to deliver absorbency and softness. Try them for hand-drying in any washroom or for medium-duty kitchen tasks. White, Premium, 7.8" x 15".
GP Sofpull® Sofply® Regular Centerpull Towel - 7.8"x15"
Provides a hygienic, cost-effective alternative to full-size towel dispensers. Try them for hand-drying in the washroom or medium-duty kitchen tasks. Use with: 52401, 52402, 52403, 52404, 52405, 58204, 58208.
Stefco® Heavenly Choice® Double Layer Center Pull Towel
Made from heavier-weight paper, this innovative one-ply towel offers the luxurious look, strength and softness of a two-ply for a surprisingly competitive price. The center pull towels and the center pull hands-free dispensers are the perfect combination to minimize the risk of cross-over contamination and reduce over-consumption and waste. Economical choice for hands-free environments. Ideally suited for restrooms, kitchens, break rooms, healthcare facilities, food preparation and other areas where sanitation is important. Use dispenser: 91000.