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Claire® Green Carpet Extraction Cleaner - Gal.
A highly effective, versatile, low foaming carpet extraction cleaner. Formulated to remove grease, oil, embedded dirt, and other soils from commercial carpet. Safe for most carpets and fabrics. Green Seal Certified. U.S. EPA Design for the environment. Non-flammable, safe in septic systems. 4 per case.
Genlabs Liquid Emulsifier For Carpet Steam Cleaning - Gal.
This product is a highly concentrated liquid designed for use in modern steam cleaning and extractor type carpet cleaning equipment. Blue color. Includes optical brighteners and water conditioners. A true counteractant which helps to remove odors.
Professional RESOLVE® Carpet Extraction Cleaner - Gal.
One product, one dilution for three cleaning uses. Carpet extraction cleaner, traffic lane cleaner and pretreatment spray. Low foaming, cleans and deodorizes. Contains strong grease-cutting agents. Makes up to 64 gallons (1:64).