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3M™ Nomad™ Heavy Traffic Backed Matting - 4x6, Slate
Backed vinyl loop heavy traffic matting with grease and oil resistance. Stands up to the heaviest use - designed for traffic of more than 400,000 people per year. Heavy vinyl loops on solid vinyl backing.
3M™ Nomad™ 6050 Scraper Matting - 3' x 5', Slate
Backed vinyl loop medium traffic matting. Designed to be the first mat of a 3M entrance matting system. Has vinyl loops that scrape dirt & moisture from shoes. Designed for medium traffic facility entrances. Helps protect floor from damage from track-in soil, debris.
3M™ Safety-Walk™ Wet Area Mat 3200 - 3' x 20', Wheat
Patented design provides scraping action for excellent dirt and sand removal. One year warranty. Suggested for inside entrance areas such as foyers or other indoor areas where liquids may be spilled. Durable Z-web construction provides excellent support for light wheeled traffic such as shopping carts and wheelchairs.