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Colgate-Palmolive Ajax Expert™ Foaming Cleaner - Gal.
Neutral pH formula, foaming degreaser, is user-friendly. Fragrance-free for cleaning food contact surfaces. For use with foam sprayer, good foam cling for walls. Bilingual labeling.
Colgate-Palmolive Ajax® Hi-Performance Degreaser - Gal.
Unique chemical action loosens and dissolves grease and removes stuck-on soils. Effective on heavy grease and soils on floors, walls, and grills. Also use on ceramic tile, vent hoods and more. One gallon makes up to 21 gallons of ready-to-use solution.
Easy-Off® Professional Cleaner/Degreaser
Perfect for countertops, tables, grinders, refrigerators, hoods and grills in foodservice areas and food processing plants. Controlled suds for easy rinsing. 1 Gallon plastic bottle (Concentrate).
Mr. Muscle® Heavy Duty Cleaner - 19 oz. Spray
Heavy duty products developed to satisfy the toughest cleaning needs. Attacks grease and grime on ovens, grills, fryers and more. Extra power to clean away even carbonized soils.
Professional Lysol® Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner - 32 oz.
Powerful low-streak formula cuts tough kitchen grease, grime and dirt. Convenient ready-to-use formula. Pleasant citrus scent. EPA Registered.