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Continental ErgoWorx® Touchless Microtek Cleaning System
Truly a touch free system, eliminating the cleaners contact with contaminated mop heads. No costly wringers, pumps, trolley carts, etc. The ErgoWorx® System is designed to fit all the most popular plastic and stainless steel janitorial carts made. ErgoWorx® is completely non-ferrous, so it is safe for use in areas with MRI equipment and will not rust or corrode. The ErgoWorx® Solution and Discharge buckets are made from Derma-Tek®, non-porous plastic so they are easy to clean and help maintain a professional appearance. The Auto-Discharge mop frame is made from strong and durable glass filled nylon. The ErgoWorx® Microfiber Trolley For SYS-5 can be added to the SYS-5 to create a mobile cleaning system that is both compact and efficient. 3" non-marking, all swivel casters provide finger touch mobility. Ideal for tight hallways and small rooms. (Show more)
Supreme Dry Microfiber Dustmop w/Tie Back - 24"
For velcro holders and traditional dust mop hardware.
Unger® SmartColor™ RoughMop ST30 Mop - Blue
Double sided. Cleaning power increased with scrub pad material on headband. Durability 4000. Strand Count: 22.
Unger® SmartColor™ Micro Mop 7.0 - 16", Blue
Medium-duty 7 mm pile for vinyl or sealed floors without grout lines. Features aggressive cleaning edges that clean with less water, less effort. Reduces bacteria by up to 96%. Durable, machine wash and dry up to 500 times. For use with MopHolder SM40G.
Unger® SmartColor™ Mop Holder
Flat mop holder with pivoting, low-profile head. Reduces cleaning time by up to 10%. 16".

Wilen® Super Pro II™ Microfiber Flat Mop Refills
Looped-end construction and durable microfiber provide long product life. Made of 100% microfiber, it can be laundered hundreds of times, when cared for properly. Surged border is extremely durable. Hook and loop attachment for easy installation and removal from frame. Can be used for damp or dry mopping. Earthtone™. ColorGuard™. (Show more)