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Advantage™ Renature® Multi-Fold Towels
Made from 100% recycled paper. Each towel is dispensed individually, assuring superior hygiene. Continuous dispensing speeds washroom traffic flow. (Show more)

Allied West Optima Multifold Towels
Available in various sizes. (Show more)
Georgia-Pacific BigFold® Z™ Premium Fold Towel - White
This towels unique fold allows for reliable, touchless dispensing of one fully-opened, absorbent towel, which reduces the number of towels used. Reduces risk of cross-contamination.
Georgia-Pacific Preference® Multifold Towels - White
Designed to fit into a wide range of dispensers. Ideal for facilities such as government and public facilities, office buildings, lodging and restaurants. Use Dispenser: 54701, 54720, 56601, 56620, 56630, 56650.
Georgia-Pacific Signature® 2 Ply Premium Multifold Towel
Our best-selling, premium 2-ply multifold hand towels provide softness and absorbency your patrons and tenants will appreciate. Use Disp: 54701, 54720, 56601, 56620, 56630-01, 56650-01.