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Clorox® Oxi Magic™ Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Dry-32oz
Using the power of oxygen, Oxi Magic™ powder breaks down troublesome stains like coffee, berries, ink, tea and fruit juice. Chlorine-bleach free. Safe to use on colored fabrics and surfaces. Odor free. Use as a powder, mix it into a solution or paste.
Colgate-Palmolive Ajax® Oxygen Bleach Easy Rinse Cleanser
Calcite-based, non-chlorinated formula. Works well in tough cleaning situations where chlorine is undesirable.
Colgate-Palmolive Ajax® Oxygen Bleach Heavy Duty Cleanser
Non-chlorinated cleanser. Economical choice. Use for general soils where chlorine or ammonia odors are undesirable.
Colgate-Palmolive Ajax® Soft Cleanser w/Chlorine - 21 oz.
Chlorinating agents, detergents and grease cutters quickly remove greasy stains and soils. Gently polishes stains away safely, with mild calcite abrasives. Safe as liquid cleaners.
P&G Institutional Formula Tide® Floor Cleaner - 18 lb.
Heavy duty floor and all purpose cleaner is an economical and versatile powdered cleaner. High levels of surfactant and builders combine to make this a powerful cleaner to cut through grease and attack tracked-in dirt. Cleans floors, walls, pots and pans. Can be used with chlorine bleach and contains no phosphates. UL Classified for slip resistance only 43R9.
Spic and Span® Powder All-Purpose Cleaner - 27 oz.
A versatile, powdered hard surface cleaner formulated with ingredients that help soften water and remove tracked-in dirt. High builder formula. Low to medium sudsing.