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Advantage® Metered Dispenser - Pearl White
Technology that allows two fresh D-size batteries to operate the dispenser for up to two years. High impact, chemical resistant plastic cabinet. Activates a metered refill every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.
Big D® 767 Fully Programmable Metered Dispenser - Tan
State of the art metered aerosol dispenser. The fully programmable unit permits customized start & stop options. LED clock set to 24-hour military time to ensure accuracy. May be programmed for either 5 or 7 day service. Covers up to 6,000 cubic feet.

Big D® Metered Concentrated Room Deodorant
Contains Big D odor counteractants that neutralize odors rather than mask them. The uniform actuator valve enables this canister to be used in most metered aerosol dispensers. Big D's metered products are environmentally compatible with all state governmental regulations, including California. Effectively deodorizes a 6,000 cubic foot area. Each 7 ounce can contains approximately 3,400 metered sprays. For use in restroom, schools, hospitality, food service, property management. (Show more)

Big D® Organic Gels
Gels are formulated from natural vegetation to selectively neutralize malodors. A departure from the typical solvent based deodorants. Each gel has a separate mission to counteract specific odors. Gives 30 days service when used with a motorized dispenser. (Show more)

Claire® Metered Air Fresheners
Dry formula fine mist eliminates messy fall-out on counters and floors. V.O.C. compliant for sale in all states. Eliminates smoke and other malodors with time interval spray. Lasts for more than 30 days. 7 oz Net Wt. (Show more)

Continental Kleen Tech™ Metered Aerosols & Dispensers
These aerosols are a dry-type formula. Their dual odor counteractants are ideal for office areas, schools, institutions, healthcare, restaurants, hotels, gyms, restrooms, etc. Seven ounce with universal actuator tip. 3,400 sprays per can. Standard and deluxe aerosol dispensers available. (Show more)

TimeMist® Classic Metered Dispenser
The TimeMist® Classic offers a simple and reliable automatic metered dispenser with a sophisticated design. 30 day refill life with a 15 minute spray setting. Maximum odor control at minimum cost. Operates on 2 C-cell alkaline batteries. For a room size of 6,000 cubic ft. (Show more)
TimeMist® Micro Metered Dispenser - White/Gray
Ultra discreet at half the size of ordinary dispensers. Easily programmed to 15, 30 or 45 minute spray settings. 30 days of air freshening per refill. Refill and battery replacement reminder. Operates on 2 C-cell alkaline batteries.

TimeMist® Micro Metered Dispenser Refills
Ultra-Concentrated refills. Delivers twice the power of ordinary refills. Each 2 oz. refill lasts up to 45 days. Fits TimeMist® and Encore Plus dispensers. (Show more)

TimeMist® Ozium® Metered Air Sanitizers
The active ingredients in Ozium® actually cleanse the aire with glycolized action. Lighter-than-air particles are dispersed into the air where they linger for up to 3 or 4 hours, encapsulating airborne bacteria and odors. Effectively sanitizes, deodorizes, and leaves a fresh fragrance in the air. (Show more)
TimeMist® Plus Metered Dispenser - White/Gray
Sophistication & intelligence in a programmable dispenser with a digital display. Time of day and start/stop times. LED service & battery replacement reminder. Operates on 2 C-cell alkaline batteries.

Timemist® Premium Metered Air Fresheners
TimeMist® premium metered air fresheners contain odor counteractants to eliminate offensive odors. For use in all full-size TimeMist® metered dispensers. Fragrances and odor counteractants in one can. Fragrances contain essential oils to ensure they are the longest-lasting and highest-quality fragrances on the market. Refills last a full 30 days. (Show more)

TimeMist® Yankee Candle® Metered Air Fresheners
Refills last a full 30 days. Now your guests can enjoy great Yankee Candle fragrances away from home. For use in all full-size TimeMist® metered dispensers. 6.6 oz. (Show more)