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3M™ Brand Doodlebug™ Brown Scrub 'n Strip Pad No. 8541
For heavy duty cleaning. Size: 4 5/8" x 10". 5 per package, 4 packs per case.
3M™ Brand Doodlebug™ High Productivity Strip Pad 8550
For extra heavy duty cleaning. Size: 4 5/8" x 10".
3M™ Brand Doodlebug™ Pad Holder No. 6472
Orange plastic holder with special grippers that hold 4 5/8" x 10" Doodlebug™ cleaning pads (sold separately). Holder swivels in all directions. Threaded to attach to standard threaded handles. 4 kits per case, each kit includes (1) 8440 and (1) 8541.
3M™ Brand Doodlebug™ White Cleansing Pad No. 8440
For delicate surfaces. Size: 4 5/8" x 10".
3M™ Twist-Lok™ Pad Holder No. 961
Specially designed for use with Scotch-Brite™ hand pads to make clean up jobs faster, easier and safer. It protects hands from heat and strong chemicals. Size: 3.5" x 2.5" x 4.75".
Advantage® Grill Bricks
Can be used on hot grills, so you don't lose valuable cooking time. The high abrasion means less time to remove residue and baked-on carbon.
Advantage® Heavy Duty Hand Pads
A very aggressive, durable, heavy-duty pad of coarse construction which offers quick and easy clean up on the really tough jobs. Size: 6" x 9" x 1/2".
Advantage® Hotel Size Soap Pads
Specifically designed for the restaurant and institutional user.
Advantage® Utility Pad Holder - Hand Block
Available in two styles: Hand block and swivel action. Packed: 1 each.
Advantage® Utility Pad Holder - Swivel Action
Available in two styles: Hand block and swivel action.

Advantage™ Nylon Pads
The color of the pad indicates the job it has been specifically designed for. (Show more)
Advantage® Stainless Steel Sponge - 50 grams
Available in 35 or 50 gram. Large curled stainless steel, which provides durable abrasive scrubbing of grills, ovens and roasting pans.

Advantage™ Utility Pads
Available in white, green, black, brown, and blue. Black pictured. Ideal for cleaning those hard-to-get-at places such as baseboards, corners, steps, walls and ceilings. Packed: 5 pads per box, 4 boxes per case. (Show more)
Glit®/Microtron® Brillo® Hotel Size Soap Pad
Made of fine steel wool formed into a large "hotel size" soap impregnated pad. Dissolves stubborn grease and lifts-off sticky food particles. Leaves behind a bright new shine. 4" x 4".
Glit®/Microtron® Kleenfast® White Light Duty Pad
A light-duty pad for cleaning delicate surfaces and light cleanup on sinks, ceramic tile, windows, tubs and toilets. 4 1/2" x 10".
Pumice Bars
Cleans porcelain, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry and iron. Removes lime, rust, stains and paint. Individually wrapped. 12 per box.
S.O.S® Heavy Duty Steel Wool Soap Pad - 15 Count
Effective for grease cutting and tough soils. Extra-thick pad with double the soap. Longer lasting soap than other brands. Rust inhibitors extend pad life.
Scotch-Brite™ Easy Erasing Pad No. 4004CC
Soft, flexible pad cleans many surfaces. Safe for indirect food contact areas. Innovative white polymeric foam erases hard-to-clean stains, marks and scuffs. Use white side of pad to erase marks. Use blue side to wipe away residue.
Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Hand Pad 7447
Excellent starting point to clean, finish, grain, denib and defuzz. May be used by hand, with a hand pad block, or on an in-line sander. Abrasive mineral: Very fine grade aluminum oxide. Color: Maroon.
Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Scour Pad No. 96
It replaces steel wool and metal sponges and won't leave metal slivers in hands or food. Long lasting, non-rusting and resilient. It's the original synthetic scouring pad and a performance pacesetter. Use it for everyday cleaning of most cooking utensils and equipment.
Scotch-Brite™ Griddle Polishing Pad No. 46
An integral part in the Scotch-Brite™ Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System and Scotch-Brite™ Griddle Cleaning System 461. Adds final polish to help make future cleaning easier. Size: 4" x 5.25".
Scotch-Brite™ Griddle Screen No. 200CC
This griddle cleaning system, designed for use on griddles that have been cooled down, replaces scrapers, grill stones and grill bricks that disintegrate. Size: 4" x 5.25".
Scotch-Brite™ Heavy Duty Scour Pad No. 86
Open construction pad with tough fibers and abrasives make fast work of heavy duty cleaning jobs. Size: 6" x 9".
Scotch-Brite™ Light Duty Cleansing Pad No. 98
Soft, non-woven fibers and mild abrasive gently, but thoroughly cleans most surfaces. Size: 6" x 9".
Scotch-Brite™ Pot'n Pan Handler No. 88
Thick, open mesh construction. Rinses out easily, doesn't splinter and won't rust. Can replace stainless steel scrubbers. Size: 3.5" x 5", Extra Heavy Duty.
Scotch-Brite™ Power Pad No. 2000
Scours up to 4 times faster than conventional commercial scouring products. Size: 5.5" x 3.9".
Scotch-Brite™ Purple Scour Pad 2020
Fast scouring, low scratching, easy rinsing. Cleans pots and pans twice as fast as conventional scouring pads. Unique web construction stands up to the toughest task. Open design allows food debris to rinse out easily.
Scrubble® Grill Screen - 10/20
Tough aluminum oxide abrasive eliminates the toughest burnt-on foods. Open mesh screen resists clogging. Fast cleaning action leaves no mess on the grill.

Steel Wool Hand Pads
Heavy-duty. (Show more)