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3M™ Troubleshooter™ Cleaner - 21 oz. Can
Heavy duty foam cleaner for quick, easy removal of soil, grease and floor finish build up.
Claire® Baseboard Cleaner & Wax Stripper - 19 oz. Net Wt.
This heavy-duty, foaming product is designed to clean and remove excess dirt and floor finish where floor machines cannot reach. 20 oz can, 19 oz net wt.
Claire® Gleme Gelled Baseboard Stripper - 19 oz. Net Wt.
This heavy-duty cleaner and stripper for build-up on baseboards and in corners. Inverted valve makes for easy application. Clings to vertical surfaces. Removes wax, soils and oxidized polymers. 20 oz can, 19 oz net wt.
ITW Dymon® Baseboard Stripper - 20 oz. Aerosol
A heavy duty cleaner used to remove all types of floor wax and finish, plus dirt and grime. Even heavily burnished finishes are removed in minutes.