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Ettore® Champion Scraper
Scraper and replacement blades. Features the 5" double-edged Danish stainless steel blades that conform to glass. (Show more)
Ettore® Pocket Scraper - Metal Case
This all-metal version takes standard single-edged blades.

Ettore® Scrapemaster™ Razor Scraper and Blades
4" wide double-edged Danish flex steel blades conform to the shape of the glass. Lightweight handle and snap-on cover make this scraper easy to use. (Show more)

Ettore® Super Scrapers and Replacements
Angled to get into the tightest corners. (Show more)
Impact® 1 1/4" Putty Knife - Black
Available in various colors. 8" L x 1 1/4" W. Stainless steel blade.
Impact® 3" Putty Knife
Handle made from rugged polypropylene and is chemical and solvent-resistant. Ergonomically designed. 8 1/2" L x 3" W. Blue. Stainless steel blade.

Impact® Safety Scrapper
Economical hand scraper, blade not included. Easy thumb action slides blade to operating position. (Show more)
Unger® 4" Carbon Steel Replacement Blades
For STMAX, LH12C, SH00C, SH25C. Compact handy dispenser safely stores new and used blades. Blades easily slide in and out of dispenser.
Unger® 4" ErgoTec® Scraper
Comfortable ergonomic scraper with non-slip bi-component rubber grip. Use with replacement blades RB100, RB10C, and RB30C.
Unger® 4" Light Duty Scraper
For light-duty jobs, with a 4' aluminum handle and 4" angled zinc alloy head. Lightweight with ergonomic grip and hang hole. 4" blade for scraping gum, stickers, wax, etc.
Unger® Safety Scraper
Unique locking system eliminates blades from sliding out while working. Use with replacement blades: SRB10, SRB30, SRB40. Made with stainless steel. Uses standard No. 9 (1 1/2") razor blades (not included).