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Carlisle VersaClean Brush w/Squeegee
Exclusive NSF listed brush easily cleans up messes from wet or dry spills. Scrub heavy tile, grout or even rough concrete surfaces clean. Can be used as an agitator for stubborn spots, and it's built-in one-piece squeegee cleans up wet surfaces quickly. Unique electrostatic pull-broom action will pick-up light flyaway debris from carpets, rugs, or bare floors. Made of synthetic rubber material. Resists most chemicals and withstands temperatures up to 212° F. It's even dishwasher safe! Black. (Show more)
Continental Metal Floor Squeegee - 18" Straight
Heavy zinc plated metal frames with a high grade dual edge, replaceable rubber blades are designed for tapered handles. Straight squeegees feature a steel scraper edge.

Ettore® Aluminum Straight Floor Squeegees
Available in sizes 18" to 36". The straight, high-strength, rust resistance aluminum frame floor squeegee makes quick work of any surface from cement to linoleum. (Show more)
Ettore® Curved Industrial Steel Floor Squeegee - 36"
Available straight and curved with scraper edge. Stands up to most paints and solvents.

Ettore® Wipe-N Dry Black Moss Rubber Floor Squeegees
Foam rubber blade works great on uneven surfaces. Nothing stops this floor squeegee, not even brick or quarry tile. The 98% closed-cell moss rubber digs deep into grouting and irregular surfaces. (Show more)

Floor Squeegees
Available straight and curved. 1/4" x 2" black rubber single blade, 14 gauge steel. Handle sockets are die cast aluminum. (Show more)
Carlisle Flo-Pac® Foam Rubber Squeegee - 22", Heavy Duty
Metal frame. Soft, double foam rubber blade is designed for use on uneven, grouted and smooth surfaces. Black foam rubber is perfect for all around floor cleaning. Metal frame. Soft Black.
Unger® Sanitary Brush Floor Squeegee - 22"
Squeegee and brush in one. Acid-resistant, non-corroding. Double black foam-rubber squeegee is perfect for drying tiles and grout lines. Polypropylene bristles offer effective scrubbing while being gentle on floors.
Unger® Sanitary Standard Floor Squeegee - 18"
Squeegee with natural black double foam-rubber blade with ACME thread and splash guard. Plastic frame provides increased hygiene. Durable threaded socket accepts ACME threaded handles.

Unger® Water Wand™ Standard Floor Squeegees
Screw-locking socket and twin natural foam-rubber blade. Standard version for lighter jobs, kitchens, decks, pools, etc. Sturdy 20 gauge steel frame with socket clamp. (Show more)
Unger® WaterWand™ ACME Insert
Converts Water Wand™ floor squeegees from a tapered to an Acme compatible socket for use with either type of handle.

Unger® WaterWand™ Heavy Duty Squeegees
Removes water easily from uneven floor surfaces such as grouted tile or non-slip and broadcast grid floors with double black foam-rubber blade. Reinforced handle socket to tackle heavy dirt. Sturdy 20 gauge steel frame, with socket clamp. Perfect for moving standard volumes of liquid. (Show more)