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Advantage® MaintenancePro™ Floor Stripper - 1 Gal.
Available in gallon and 5 gallon pail. Quickly dissolves and removes all wax and finish build-up without the use of harsh acids or solvents. Leaves no soap film. Biodegradable.
Claire® Green Floor Finish Remover - Gal.
A high-performance, low-odor, non-toxic, non-corrosive, butyl free, ammonia free, wax and finish remover. A highly concentrated, rapid response stripper. Dissolves multiple coats of finish. No strong and unpleasant odors.
Floor Science® Stripper - Gal.
Compatible with both resilient and non-resilient floors, the Floor Science® system works well with all maintenance programs. Use with simple mop-scrub-recoat, and high-speed burnishing. Also use with ultra-high-speed burnishing.

Genlabs Odorless Ammoniated Wax Stripper - Gal.
Formulated to easily strip all types of floor finishes and waxes including the modern detergent resistant polymers. Stubborn floor stripping as easy as routine maintenance. No heavy ammonia odor. (Show more)
Genlabs Orange Mop & Strip - Gal.
With use of this unique chemical, you do not have to use a floor wax machine to remove wax or build-up. Dilutions: 1 part/2 water. Opaque white color, lemon odor.
RMC Enviro Care® Floor Stripper - Gal.
Specifically designed to remove Enviro Care® floor finish, but removes most conventional metal crosslinked floor polishes, too. Fast acting and pleasant to use. Highly concentrated. Requires no neutralization prior to finish application.