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3M™ Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner - Qt.
A ready-to-use product formulated to help remove the most difficult rust stains and hard water mineral deposits from toilets and urinals.
Clorox Green Works® Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 24 oz.
Powerful gel formula cuts through rust, hard water and stubborn mineral deposits. Angled spout designed to target hard-to-reach spots under the rim. Safe for septic systems.
Clorox® Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 24 fl. oz.
Cleans without scratching. Thick non-acid formula removes stains like rust, lime and hard water deposits. Economical ready-to-use, requires no mixing. Deodorizes as it cleans.
Colgate-Palmolive Ajax® Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.
Ready-to-use one step cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing. Effective soil removal. Eliminates rust, lime and uric acid deposits. Uses hydrochloric acid at 9.5%.
Easy Paks® Bowl Cleaner - 1/2 oz. Packet
Water soluble, portion-control packets dissolve with effervescing action. Convenient packaging and super concentration saves space and reduces waste. Deliver accurate and consistent dilutions. 1/2 oz. packets/90 packets per tub.
Fresh Big Blue Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 9 oz.
Terrific maintenance in-tank cleaner. Cleans, deodorizes, and blues the water. Prevents scale build-up & saves cleaning time and money.

Genlabs Emulsion 23% Bowl Cleaner - Gal.
A concentrated hydrogen chloride based bowl cleaner with an effective balance of acid and wetting agents in an emulsified form. Excellent choice for daily maintenance. Milky white color. (Show more)
Genlabs Liquid Pumice - Gal.
Finally, a way to clean that impossible toilet bowl ring. Liquid Pumice will remove the most difficult ring in the toilet bowl with remarkable ease. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid to clean in seconds. pH .5 - 2, Pungent acid odor.
Genlabs Strike Bac® Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner - Gal.
This revolutionary non acid disinfectant bowl cleaner is very effective in cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing urinals and other bathroom surfaces. Will kill the HIV-1 virus on pre-cleaned hard surfaces. Pleasant fragrance and mild to use.
Nature's Source™ Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 24 oz.
From the makers of Scrubbing Bubbles®. The thick, extended action formula clings under the rim to naturally remove organic and hard water stains. Deodorizes with a fresh scent. Greenlist™ positive health and environmental profile. Better for the environment, DfE certified. 8 per case.
Professional Lysol® Disinfectant Toilet Bowl Cleaner-32 oz
Convenient ready-to-use formula cleans, disinfects and deodorizes toilet and urinals. Dissolves tough rust stains and mineral deposits. Wintergreen scent. Angle neck bottle.
Professional Vani-Sol® High Acid Bowl Cleanser- 32 oz.
A powerful liquid toilet bowl cleaner and deodorizer for use in restrooms with heavy traffic, hard water or difficult soils. Angle neck bottle.
RMC Bowl Tamer - Qt.
Harnesses the cleaning power of a traditional hydrochloric acid bowl cleaner w/unique ingredients to "tame" the potential harm to users and surfaces. Ready to use.