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Allied West Optima 790 Blue Windshield Towel - 7.9" x 400'
1 ply.
Allied West Optima 747 Blue Windshield Towel - 2 Ply
Available in 1 ply or 2 ply.
Chicopee® Chix® Competitive Wet Wipe - 13 1/2 x 24
Pink in color and is an economical alternative for limited use, reusable cleaning towel. Rayon-based, nonwoven, absorbent. Wipes water-based liquids & debris, dispenser case. Can be used for 1-2 days.
Chicopee® Chix® Foodservice Towel - 13" x 24", Blue/Blue
Chix® towels with Microban® are specifically engineered to combat the growth of bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi that commonly get trapped in foodservice towels. Microban® protection keeps these microbes at bay, which means your foodservice towels can remain free from stains, unpleasant odors and rapid deterioration. Durable, highly absorbent, reusable (machine washable). Fabric designed for optimum scrubbing and clean rinsing. Color coded. Helps prevent cross-contamination. Bigger apertures to capture and release more food debris.
Chicopee® Chix® Masslinn® Shop Towel - 12 x 17, White
Tough and durable for all maintenance cleaning tasks. Absorbent, effective grime, grease and dirt pick-up. Resistant yet nonabrasive. Rayon-based, Hydro-entangled, dispenser inner cartons. Microban® protection.
Chicopee® Chix® Soft Cloth Patient Wipe - 13" x 15"
Designed with an open, airy weave that feature a fabric that's gentle to the touch for even the most delicate skin. Highly absorbent made from a unique fabric that is extra absorbent and dries surfaces quickly and easily. Strong, maintains strength even when wet. Gentle and luxurious to the touch. Safe, uses no heavy chemicals or binders and is safe for use as a personal body wipe. Medium duty. White.
Chicopee® Chix® Sports Towel - 14 x 24, White
Has cloth-like versatility for many diverse uses. Absorbent and soft, easy access, rinsable and reusable, bulky, dries quickly and antimicrobial protection. Rayon-based, open-weave, dispenser case, nonwoven. Three-dimensional, Microban® protection.
Chicopee® Chix® Wet Wipe - 11.5" x 24", Green
Specifically designed for light-duty cleaning applications, thereby decreasing the overuse of paper towels and associated costs. Just one wet wipe towel easily picks up spills, rinses clean and dries quickly for use again and again. Absorbent and reusable. Color coded. Prevents cross-contamination by assigning a color to a task.
Chicopee® Chux® Airlaid Light Duty Towel - 12" x 13"
Absorbent. Reduces residue while drinking up liquids. Soft and bulky, will not damage sensitive surfaces when wet. Medium task. Environmentally friendly disposable towels reduce waste.
Chicopee® Chux® DRC Towel - 9.5" x 16.5", Medium
Double recreped (DRC) wiping towels are engineered to give maximum performance in a wide variety of general purpose wiping tasks. Highly absorbent with a soft, cloth-like feel, medium duty.
Chicopee® DuraWipe® - 12" x 13.5", Blue, Smooth
Ideal for repeated-use. Made in a hydroentangling process with wood pulp and polyester, these towels are known for their superior absorbency and strength, wet or dry. Will not damage sensitive surfaces. Compatible with oils and solvents. Medium duty.

Chicopee® DuraWipe® XTRA w/Spinlace® Fabric
Unique triple-layer construction combines spunbond strength, airlaid absorbency and hydroentangling technology for exceptional performance. Highly absorbent, wood fibers soak up liquids quickly. Soft an bulky, will not damage sensitive surfaces. Compatible with oils/solvents, clean up messy spills easily. White. (Show more)
Chicopee® Worxwell® Towel - 13" x 15", White
Rag replacement towels for heavy-duty industrial and institutional wiping applications. Durable, strong enough to replace rags, will not tear and are highly absorbent. Soaks up more than nine times its weight in liquids. Machine washable. Wash and use again and again. Solvent compatible. Consistently stands up to use with solvents. Low linting.
Chix® Food Service Towel - White
Food service towels and pizza towel available. Includes dispenser case. 13 1/2" x 24".
Georgia-Pacific Brawny Industrial™ Light Duty Wiper
Multi-purpose, single use 2-Ply white paper wipers perfect for glass cleaning, small spills, light lubes and light solvent use. Perfect for general maintenance. Comes in a convenient, portable pop-up box. Use dispenser 54912.
GP Brawny Industrial™ 1/4-Fold Airlaid Wiper - White
Versatile medium duty airlaid wipers remove grime, pick up spills on smooth surfaces. Soft enough for personal use. Stands up to water based solvents. Use for light duty oil and grease clean-up tasks.
GP Brawny Industrial™ Premium DRC Wiper - 9.25" x 16.3"
Strongest all purpose and most versatile wiping material with excellent bulk, softness and absorption capacity. Use to clean both oil and water based products. Tall dispenser box format. Use dispenser: 50313.
GP Brawny Industrial™ Wipers - 9.2" x 16.5"
Medium duty all purpose 1/4 fold wipers. Made from airlaid bonded cellulose to deliver an exceptional cloth replacement. White. Use dispenser: 50313. Convenient portable pop-up box protects wipers.
GP Interstate® Auto Care Paper Wiper - 9.5" x 10.25"
Interstate® singlefold paper wipers offer cost-effective, streak-free cleaning with 2-ply absorbency you can count on. Poly case helps protect these wipers from moisture. Use with dispenser: 59750, 56701, 56720, 59850.